Pavé The Way® Jewelry was created in response to what you care about, what you buy, what you wear, and what you demand from a socially conscious perspective.

Built on a one-of-a-kind social enterprise business model, we will donate 100% of the profit generated by your purchase to the charity of your choice.

As you fill your cart, you also fill-in your charity of choice.

Be assured that Pavé The Way® Jewelry does more than give back:

The jewelry supports mindfulness with inspirational messages and personal story telling by linking you to a larger community of those who have joined the giving movement.

Becoming an ambassador of this empowerment movement is easy, whether you support the environment, arts and culture, education, animal rights, health and human services, medical research - inspire others to share your passion by using #ipavetheway on social media to build a better future.

All materials are ethically sourced and all packaging is eco-friendly.