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An Interview With My Sister, Selma | Layla's Corner of Consideration

An Interview With My Sister, Selma | Layla's Corner of Consideration

This past year has been transformational for social justice. I interviewed my sister Selma, a sophomore in high school, about what activism means to her.

Q: How has being a woman affected you and your activism?

“Through my experiences as a young woman as well as my friends' experiences, I know firsthand about the challenges women have to face on a daily basis. Even just walking on the street in the city, it is hard to feel safe. With that being said, my personal experiences just further motivate me to advocate for women's rights and be a support system for other women. Whether it's in pre-covid women’s marches or even just reposting articles on my social media it is important to me that I use my experiences to raise awareness.”


Q: What makes you want to donate to a cause?

“Since I am a teenager there is obviously a limit to how much money I can spend donating to charities; however, I often see people posting go fund me type pages where just a small donation could change someone's life. When I see those pages, which are usually created as a last resort/ in emergency situations, I always try to contribute what I can and then share it to others so they can continue to donate more. Social media is such an important tool to raise awareness to charities and organizations that I feel passionate about so that people know what these charities are even if they cannot donate a large amount on the spot.“


Q: How does your style reflect your personality and the things you care about?

“I mean I think fashion is just another form of expression. I feel like before this pandemic I was afraid to go outside of my comfort zone with fashion, but having all this time to myself has made me realize how important it is to prioritize my confidence over anything else. Through quarantine I think I have really gotten the chance to develop my own personal style and realize what makes me feel the most comfortable. Wearing clothes and accessories that really represent me has made me so much more confident in myself.”