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Take The Lead® Leadership Power Tools Set

The Take The Lead® Women Leadership Power Tools Collection symbolizes different tools for female advancement towards gender parity in leadership.  Each necklace has it's own meaning corresponding with a different tool:

  • #1 Lantern - Know Your History
    • Know your history and you can create the future of your choice.
  • #2 Hammer - Define Your Own Terms
    • Power is like a hammer. You can build or break things with it.  But leaders must use power. Define your own terms, before others define you.
  • #3 Key - Use What You've Got
    • The key to what you need is almost always there if you have the vision to see it and the courage to use it.
  • #4 Light Bulb - Embrace Controversy
    • Use its energy to shed light on issues.
  • #5 Propeller - Carpe The Chaos
    • Most innovation comes from disruption. It rarely comes from stasis.
  • #6 Button - Wear The Shirt (of Your Convictions)
    • The fastest route to self-esteem is to stand up for what you believe.
  • #7 Torch - Take Action; Create A Movement
    • Anything can be changed. it takes three simple steps to make positive changes
      • Be a sister (or a brother).
      • Have the courage to raise issues.
      • Put those two things together in a strategic plan and execute.
  • #8 Microphone - Employ Every Medium
    • You are the medium and you are the message.
  • #9 Mirror - Tell Your Story
    • Your story is your power and your truth. Stories help us process complex information and organize our thoughts. Mastering storytelling helps leaders mobilize people toward a common goal.


Buy the collection for yourself or give one to the people in your life who embody each tool.  

This necklace collection, designed by Joan Hornig for Take The Lead®, features 9 sterling silver pendants each on an adjustable 14" - 18" sterling silver chain.

100% of Joan's profit goes to Take The Lead.

All orders shipped in 100% recycled and biodegradable packaging.

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100% of profit goes to the charity of your choice

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